A Trusted Resource For Clients With Estate Planning Needs

For more than 30 years, Rice Law Group has been providing personalized legal guidance and assistance to clients in Manhattan and throughout the New York metro area. Such clients include restaurant owners, nightclub owners and other individuals with business interests or multimillion-dollar assets. We also represent families with all levels of assets and act as legal advocates for those who have elder law concerns.

Due to our highly respected reputation for meticulous service and results, the vast majority of our new clients are referrals from former clients, insurance agents, certified public accountants, local companies and other law firms.

Comprehensive Counsel That Leads To Cohesive Plans

As past president of the New York City Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, attorney James D. Rice brings a unique perspective to the coordination of estate plans and financial plans.

From life insurance annuities to equities and other types of assets, Mr. Rice has the background and acumen necessary to analyze and structure investments in the most beneficial manner for clients. He provides the comprehensive counsel necessary for clients to protect their interests without needing to hire a separate financial planner.

Convenient Location And Flexible Scheduling

Rice Law Group is located between 57th and 58th streets on Madison Avenue in NYC. We work hard to accommodate our clients' unique schedules and needs, so we can arrange to meet with you when and where necessary. Call 212-571-7035 or contact our firm online. Foreign-language translation services are available.